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Yasheng Groups Agricultural Advantages

Yasheng Group has a full range of advantages in the agricultural industry. These advantages have allowed the company to expand over the past 20 years and laid the foundation for expansion well into the future.North West China is a region that has many benefits to agro industry. Gansu Province is considered the heart of Chinese agro industry because of the geographical location and climate conditions ideal for a wide range of agro products.

GanSu Province climate, where Yasheng has the majority of agro operations, has long sunshine days and short nights during the growing seasons allowing larger yields then other areas. The days are very warm and nights very cold giving the agro products a more rich flavor. The air is dry with very little humidity, greatly reducing the threat from pest and reducing the need for pesticides. The soil is very aerated and the chemical balance is suitable making it very favorable for growing without heavy uses of artificial fertilizers. Land is abundant and manufacturing industry is low reducing exposure to pollution. Much of Yashengs Agro bases are fed by the glaciers of the Qilian Mountains and the upper reaches of the Yellow river. The water from these sources is pollution free compared to other parts of China.

The company has established a network of relationships and resources to secure long term business models in commodities that are a necessity for society. The company has a proven record working with the national and provincial agro departments in developing a sustainable agricultural plan that meets the demands.Yasheng Group has successfully developed many projects promoted from the national government.Yasheng Group has preferential treatment when being awarded new government sponsored projects, allowing the company a highway to growth.

High Tech Drip Irrigation techniques have been implemented into Yasheng Groups Agro industries over the past 8 years. The technology is derived from famous Israeli irrigation company. Yasheng Group through its related companies manufactures and market high tech irrigation equipment utilizing this technology. This advantage is key to expansion. GanSu province annual rainfall is low and the drip irrigation allows expansion because of efficient watering techniques. Drip irrigation also reduces the threat from pest.

Yasheng’s AGRO R&D Park

Yasheng��s Hi-Tech Agricultural Park is in full operations in 2005 after strategic investments into the company��s future that started in the year 2000. The parks high tech agro advantages were results from intellectual advancements from Yasheng Academy of Science. This institute focuses on hi-tech research and development in agricultural bio-engineering, soil-less culture, propagation, and other modern industrial agricultural techniques.

Yasheng has the ability to carry out major agro industrial projects that introduce and breed quality large scale hy-breed crops for use domestically and abroad. The strategic investment allows for the industrialization of culture seedlings, production of flowers, vegetables, ornamentals, & high end agro products. There is also a focus into research and development of bio-pharmaceutical products. These products & techniques are used throughout Yasheng��s agricultural segments as well as sold outside the company which has opened up new markets.

The production facilities & research areas of the park are completed & have contributed extensively to the success in increased yields & quality through the company��s entire agro industry over the past three years.This project has become a recognized comprehensive hi-tech agricultural and biological demonstration park with modernized equipment, labs and operational facilities.


Two Yasheng Educational Institutes

GansuYaSheng Science Academy

Through Yasheng Groups association with GanSu Yasheng Group, the company has strategic advantages through education and research. Yasheng Group Science Academy undertakes intense research into the Agro Industry which is eventually used within the companies operations. This has allowed the company to make great advances in many sectors of the company. This institute works closely with the National institutes in coordination for advancement of Chinas agro industry. Applied Agriculture Technology Research Institute .

  • Biology Research Institute
  • Trans-Genetic Research Institute
  • Chinese Medicine Research Institute
  • Information Technology Research Institute
  • New Biology Material Research Institute


Gansu YaSheng Broadcasting and Further Education College

Gansu Yasheng Broadcasting and Further Education College is a multi-level and multi-grade adult education college with branches in, Shendiwan, Gaotai, Tiaoshan, Xiaheqing, Lanwei, Shuangjia, Jinta, Jiuquan, the last six opened since 1997. This network of education satellites in the key areas of the company allows for detail training of potential employees of Yasheng Group.

The College has are 88 staff including 32 lecturers and 27 teachers, currently has approximately 1,500 full and part-time students. With recent investment in equipment and facilities, including laboratories and a computer centre, the college now teaches 17 subjects with a focus on technology and agriculture.

  • Post-Doctoral Degree Department
  • Masters Department
  • Undergraduate Department 
    Broadcast & television specialist Junior College
  • Central Broadcast & Television university ��Distance learning��

Product Development

Part of the 5 & 10 year plan to reorganize the company was to steam-line company operations and focus on Key business lines that had potential for long term growth into domestic and international high end markets. Another part of this plan was to implement product quality upgrades through high tech agro technology and high breed strains. The company also made the transformation from the collective family farms to industrial scale farming having more control over the quality and yields of Yasheng Groups products.

Part of the vision for product development was to develop by-products and other related products from the base agro materials that are currently being produced. Yasheng has developed techniques to utilize Bio Mass to produce environmental friendly products. The company has also developed TCM products from their natural herb bases. Vegetable Oils and Livestock feed are two other examples of the range of markets the company��s products reach.

The company obtains the know how and ability for large scale industrial farming but also has strategically established a presence in the supporting other agro segments such as fertilizers, irrigation equipment, agro construction materials, food processing and packaging to bring both fresh and processed foods to new high end markets.

The company��s development plans are focused on domestic and global demands in the agro and agro by-products industries. Through the reorganization, the company strives for continued strategic management of product planning year to year to meet the ever changing demands in the commodities markets.

Company wide Drip Irrigation Projects

Modern drip irrigation technology can control both biochemical and physical indices for crop and flower growth and allows precise adjustment of water, fertilizer and insecticide usage. It also moderates the extreme cooling effects sometimes produced by flood-type irrigation. Yasheng Group has introduced the most advanced water-efficient drip irrigation techniques from Israel to ensure efficient water use on large-scale intensive agricultural projects in the fertile but water-scarce Hexi Corridor. The first drip irrigation project in Jiuquan region was completed in September 1998 and is now in successful production. Yasheng group has now received government approval for and begun construction of a further 2,667 Ha arable and 667 Ha hop farm both using drip irrigation.


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