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Sells to major beer producers such as the Beijing Yanjing Group, Shandong Qingdao Group, Beijing Huarun Snowflake Group, Shanghai Yingbo Group, Harbin Beer, Henan Jinxing, and Chongqing Beer.

One of the major products of the YaSheng Group, the company’s hops exhibit high α-acid content and regular color. The company averages a yield of the highest grade concentrated hops extract annually. The quality standard for compressed hops that is adopted by the Group is GB10347.1---89. The company employs state-of-the-art hops extraction production equipment for the extraction process. The equipment utilized for these operations was imported from Germany, Switzerland, and England. Expansion of the Hops extraction production includes the completion of an additional hops growing base in May 2004.

Xiaheqing Farm in Jiuquan, is China's largest hops production and processing base with current acreage of 670 Ha of controlled drip irrigation growth are and an annual output of over 800 tons.Xiaheqing has favorable climate and soil conditions and the hops have been appraised by British, Japanese and American specialists as reaching the highest international standards. Xiaheqing is the only Chinese hop-grower accredited to the International Hops Growers Council and a member of the standing committee. China Xiaheqing hops are recognized as the highest quality, highest yield and highest output for domestic hop production. These products have received national "Green Food" certification.

There are three specifications - 20Kg, 10Kg, and 5Kg. All products are tested according to the GB10347.1-10347.2-89 quality code and meet national standards in appearance, shape, hardness and disintegration time. The bitter-taste pellet hops Qingdao big-flower has 2 major classification based on its formic acid level, the 6.5% one and the 7.0% one.



YaSheng subsidiary Jiuquan Licorice Root Production is renowned throughout China for the licorice root production. We first planted licorice in 1985 and it has proven highly successful on dry, sandy soils where it is a useful cash crop and can be inter-grown with pasture or forage grass. The main variety is an Ural strain which gives a high rate of graded roots and yields around 15 metric tons per Ha, together with 2 metric tons of forage. The roots are cylindrical and blunt-ended with brown and red stripes and yellow fiber. The acid content reaches 11% and 15% after 3 and 4 years.


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