Corporate Development

The Yasheng Group has begun implementation of the strategic plan that will run from 2004-2010.  This is an exciting time for Yasheng as the company transitions from a leading conglomerate in China to a leading conglomerate in the world. During the term of the strategic plan, Yasheng Group will pioneer new fields of expansion, maintain the company¡¯s existing business, and coordinate the overall development of production operations.  At the same time, the company will rapidly expand the international distribution capability with access to a diverse platform of capital to finance growth.  An active Mergers and Acquisitions department will seek strategic and synergistic opportunities to further up-grade the hi-tech drive and expansion.

Aggressively addressing the opportunities and challenges at the beginning of the new millennium and with the Chinese entry in to the WTO, Yasheng is well positioned to continuously contribute to the economic miracle taking place within China.  Yasheng is an active participant in the economic development of China and the overall improvement in the quality of life for Chinese citizens and international community.

Long Term Capitalization Plan

Yasheng Group is positioning itself to have access to long term capitalization choices that best fit the needs of the company and the expansion plans over a period that extends beyond the 5 and 10 year plan. Through the U.S. operations the company is working to have access to the best capital markets in the world ¡°The U.S. National Markets¡±. 

Strategic Innovation

Strategic Innovation is key to the future success of Yasheng Group. The company is approaching the future with the intentions to innovate existing industries to strategically meet the shifting and growing demands of the domestic and growing economy. Reinventing production methods and business systems to become better efficient and responsive to demands will allow the company to increase margins with minimal cost. 

Consistent Focus of Excellence

The past and current success of Yasheng Group can be attributed to the Focus on Excellence and Quality. The company has already transformed many of its product lines to high end quality products that are directed towards markets that return higher profit margins for the company. Yasheng has received numerous awards and recognitions for excellence in the companies¡¯ achievements and this concept to reach for the highest standards will remain the central theme to the company¡¯s future.

Here to Stay

Yasheng Group is a commodities based company with a strong position in the Agricultural, Biotechnology, and Chemical Industries.  The demand for quality foodstuff will rise with the Chinese economy as well as open up doors to new international markets. The focus of the Biotech industry will produce new products and improve existing products in all three industries. The world is in demand for more environmentally friendly chemicals and alternative fuels and Yasheng has been a proven leader in growing with these needs.  With the focus on these three diverse industries and the ability to be flexible with market changes and continue to develop and produce quality products Yasheng Group here to stay well into the future.



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