Executive Management

Zhou Chang Sheng. Founder and Chairman of the YaSheng Group, Mr. Zhou has a PhD. in Business Administration and master's degree in economics and is a former senior economist. Mr. Zhou is the President of Gansu YaSheng Salt Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhou is a former military officer with the Chinese Air Force and is a licensed pilot of most types of fixed wing aircraft. Mr. Zhou is a current council member of the International hops association and holds many other positions in industrial and agricultural trade associations. Mr. Zhou also serves as a director of Gansu Yasheng.

Wu Mei Ping. Ms. Wu is President of YaSheng Group. She is also holds an honorary PhD in Architecture and a master of Business Administration. Ms. Wu practiced architecture for many years and designed dozens of significant buildings throughout Northwestern China. Ms. Wu is an accomplished and published artist. Ms. Wu had been consulting for YaSheng Group for four years and has been an active busi- ness leader in the bay area of California for eight years. Prior to joining YaSheng, Ms. Wu was the founder and majority owner of WR International a privately held consulting firm in Redwood City. Ms. Ping also serves as a director of Gansu Yasheng.

He Shurong. Ms. He is currently a director and holds a Bachelor of Economics and Management degree and is a senior account- ant. From 2000 to 2008, she was deputy general manager of Gansu Agricultural Reclamation Industry Company. Since 2008, she has been Deputy General Manager of Gansu Yasheng Salt Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Zhuang Hai Yun. Mr. Zhuang is currently a director and holds an accounting undergraduate degree. From 1998 to 2005, he was chief accountant and Financial Controller of Gansu Yasheng Salt Industry Group Co., Ltd. Since 2004, he has been a director and Chief Financial Officer of YaSheng Group. Mr. Zhuang also serves as a director of Gansu Yasheng

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