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Hexi Corridor is one f the best production area for beer barley. GanSu is the largest barley base in China winning first prize for production and quality.

The Group owns and operates a growing base with a large capacity to process malt barley annually. The barley grown from this base is well distributed to many Chinese breweries, with a focus on the breweries in the northeast of China which are known for their quality products. YaSheng grows and produces malt barley with high quality full grains, the highest quality color, and an even germination rate. The product has recently received the Bronze Trophy at the 1st China Agriculture Exposition. The quality standard of the product meets or exceeds the highest malt barley standards in the country. The GB∕T7416-2000 standard applies to raw material (malting barley); hygienic standard follows GB2715-2005; water quality standard follows GB5749-85; and product quality standard follows QB1686-93.


The company is been growing and developing a high breed strain of cotton that not only yields more but has color. Also the biomass waist can be used for environmental products. The company has also been working with strains that lower the demand on water and the soil. With the support of the R&D centers of Yasheng the company also has been able to control pest and disease through modern agriculture practices.

Cooperation with Mexico's CIMMYT

In 1999, Yasheng started cooperation and research with CIMMYT (Mexico's International Wheat and Corn Improvement Centre) to introduce wheat germplasm varieties and shuttle breeding methods to improve local varieties' yields and quality, sunshine and wind tolerance, and resistance to rust and other diseases. In total, we have introduced 2178 varieties of wheat, barley, durum and triticale.


Yasheng has taken advantage of GanSu rich pasturage industry. GanSu is one of the five largest pasturing land in China, with .26 billion mu of natural postural and 15.9 million mu of manual planting pasturage. Gansu alfalfa planting area is 7.7 million mu and accounts for 35% of the planting area of the whole country, winning first place in China.



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