Gold Basin-Lost Basin Project

We are proposing a Business plan which we believe reduces risk and is accretive to its partners/associates. Our mineral exploration project is located in Arizona, U.S.A. This is a Copper and Gold project.

This project is located in a highly mineralized location as reported by the US Geological Survey (USGS). This 167 page report along with our internal exploration also justifies,"a drill program "to a depth of +/- 500-1700 feet.


"The known and inferred relations of gold mineralization in the Gold Basin-Lost Basin districts suggest several geologic environments that should be evaluated carefully in exploratory programs."

Rouge Mountain Mining Group Corporation is looking for 6,000,000 USD plus a 10% broker fee to commence the drill program. Details of budget are listed in the Rouge Mountain business plan.

The Gold Basin and adjacent Lost Basin Mining Districts are in northwestern Arizona, south of Lake Mead and just west of the Grand Wash Cliffs. Ore grade metals were identified in country rock consisting of gently-dipping amphibole-quartzofeldspathic gneiss and alaskite. Veins contain abundant cerussite, hematite, goethite, malachite, chrysocolla. Internationally-respected ALS Laboratory results of surface samples collected on the claims reported assays for gold as high as 65.8 grams per ton, silver at 12.2 grams per ton, copper at 16.6%, and zinc at 3.22%. (Average of 3 samples from ACS Laboratories is 10% copper)The USGS has investigated these two mining districts in Professional Paper #1361 with the collection and analysis of more than 1,300 samples. The conclusion of the investigation by the USGS inferred a high probability of a porphyry copper deposit at depth.

Minerals also identified at Copper Blowout Ridge:

Cerussite; PbCO3

Malachite; Cu2CO3(OH)2

Chrysocolla; Cu,Al)2H2Si2O5(OH)•nH2O.

Bornite; Cu5FeS4

If a successful drill program concludes, the probabilities are as follows for one Copper parcel or site. ( other sites are not included in this probability)


Probability (example 1) :

AVERAGE COPPER GRADE= 1% 60,000,000 x .01 = 600,000 tonnes of COPPER 600,000 TONNES OF COPPER at Retail = 3.50 per pound = 4.2 Billon USD Copper in Ground un permitted un mined: Estimated Value is at $.10 cent per poun: 1.2 billion pounds of copper X .10 cents = 120,000,000 USD Risk Probability Factor 50% = 60 Million USD At 1% copper grade. (Without 50% risk = 380,000,000 USD) 60 MM one parcel of land. Rouge Mountain Mining has 3 parcels: 60,000,000x 3= 180,000,000 USD


Byproducts not Included in the value are: Gold and Molybdenum (results per request)

Futures Variables:

Grade of Copper

Price of Copper

Conclusion: We plan to take meetings with potential investors in the months of April through August 2013. We have a mining expert team at the site that can show the properties and answer all technical questions concerning the properties and the project. We are extending this opportunity to schedule an appointment to view the property with any experts you elect. We can accommodate transportation from Los Vegas airport to the property. Technical and lab reports can be given per request.

Gold Basin-Lost Basin Project
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