Future Growth

·Hold and grow existing domestic market positions with premium quality products with a focus on customer satisfaction with consistent availability. Continue the strategic consolidation and segmentation of Yasheng products with a focus on products with high margins and high potential growth rates. Continue to increase brand awareness for Yasheng Products.

·Expand product line with new by-products by utilizing modern processed food technology that produces high quality products that meet the demands of the domestic and international markets. By-products such as fruit and vegetable concentrates, food extracts, nutritional beverages, edible and bio oils, organic and environmental friendly products, frozen and fresh vegetables, and packaging.

·Strengthen industry research focusing on shifting trends and demands for strategic cultivation. Maintain flexibility and diversification to efficiently increase or decrease production or cultivate new products that are in demand. Continue to implement the long term strategy of supplying key core food staples to domestic and international markets.

·Continue to acquire and develop new hybrid strains agro products that improve quality, yield, and overall cultivation methods. Expand cultivation area by implementing more high tech irrigation systems and other modern agriculture techniques. Expand seeding and propagation technologies to consistently supply growers and meet the demands by expanding the company’s agriculture base.

·Expand animal husbandry division, agriculture chemicals, fertilizers, animal feed, and environmental product segments. Continue to implement the vision as leading company in sustainable agricultural practices.

·Vision of development of high end environmental products through the company’s current ability to grow several types of bio mass materials. Implement business plans from research and development projects for the development of bio friendly products such as Bio Plastics, Bio Mass Molding techniques, Bio Fuels & others. Utilize current product line and resources into processing facilities. Seek outside cooperation’s in building large scale alternative energy projects, such as bio plastics, bio fuels, methane, and others.

·Expand domestic and international business development and sales departments to open the doors to new markets. Strategic product development to meet the demands of specialized markets such as institutions, organic niche markets, and retail volume outlets. Continue to establish long term relationships with industrial scale agricultural contracting to food and beverage processors and distributors. Strengthen global and domestic logistics and distribution networks.

·Internal and External acquisitions that bring added value in technology, management, production capabilities, and open up new markets and distribution points.

·Continue to streamline management, structure, operations, and internal controls to lay the foundation for Global expansion. Continue to enlist international experts and consultants as well as add key management with western and eastern business and finance experience. Implement enterprise system to upgrade internal and external communications and internal management controls




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