GanSu Yasheng Salt Group Company Ltd., the subsidiary company of Yasheng Group (OTC: HERB), was originated as an agriculture, biotechnology, and chemicals in the North West of China. The company soon became a leader in Agro, Bio, and Chemical industries with focus on key business lines in core commodities and strategically acquiring related companies. Originally the company grew to 9 major groups with over 136 operations over 20 years.

Three principles have driven the company to its success

  • Consistent focus on product lines meeting market demands.
  • Total quality management within organization and the ability to implement innovation
  • Research and development capabilities and strong relationships within the business and government community.

In 1998 the GanSu Yasheng Salt Group formed a group of leading companies to become GanSu Yasheng Industrial Group to list on the Shanghai Exchange (600108) to capitalize and fuel the company??s expansion within China.

In 2003 GanSu Yasheng Salt Group began its 5 & 10 year plan to reorganize the entire company to expand internationally. Yasheng Group (OTC: HERB) was formed in preparation to access the U.S. capital markets. The company established U.S. headquarters and began to expand with western management, access to new markets, and develop a logistics center to establish a presence in North America. The process to restructure the company and meet the compliance requirements for a listing on a public exchange began.

Yasheng Group has completed the U.S. GAAP ??PCAOB?? audits of its 7 subsidiaries, as the Agro Base to be listed on a major exchange in the U.S. These are initial entities, as YaSheng Group U.S.A., are to become fully reporting and compliant, moving to a major exchange eventually.

GanSu YaSheng Salt Group continues reorganizing bringing more of their companies in line with international standards for expansion and international finance. The companies?? long term strategy is to create a diversified platform to capitalize growth in key agro, bio, and chemical industries.

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