Yasheng Group has assembled a talented and highly experienced management team to lead the company.With their extensive business acumen, each member of the management team has been effectively involved in implementing successful business operations in the course of Yasheng's corporate growth.

In addition, Yasheng's diversified network of advisory board are a strategically aligned group of industry leaders. The proven leadership of Yasheng's entire management team has positioned the company for its ambitious business plans on international expansions and further solid growth in its core businesses and strategic development.

Yasheng Group company has over 15,500 employees.Of that 75.9% are production workers.

Yasheng has a variety of about 1,707,experienced technological staff. There are many specialties in biotechnology, agronomy, high tech agriculture, horticulture, forestry, computer Engineering & E-commerce, clinical medicine, pastoralist, veterinarians, and other agro related specialties.

Yasheng has 139 personnel that hold senior titles of technical recognition.159 personnel are recognized professionals that include; 16 PhD, 131 masters, 19 national and provincial awarded experts.

The Employee climate & policy of the company are to demand constant quality in work product & an innovative spirit. Strive for higher technological advances & apply those to operations consistently.

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