Yasheng 8 Business Principles

1. Plenty of Land,People,with Natural Resources

2. Reinvestment into Research Development Capabilities

3. Organization,Management,and Corporate Support

4. High End Diverse Product Portfolio

5. Breeding Centers(seeds,sprouts,graft,clone,breed,etc)

6. Global Business Development and Marketing Force

7. Distribution Network and Strategic Cooperation's

8. Quality Products,High Ethical Standards,nd Long Term Relationships



1. Plenty of Land, People, with Natural Resources
Priorities from Yasheng inception have been to acquire a vast amount of land long term for ??Large Scale Industrial Agro Bases??, with the necessary natural resources to provide a long term infrastructure for people to work these basic ingredients to create high end agriculture products.

Land with soil that is arable and rich in minerals, a secure water supply, and clean natural atmosphere is a must when establishing the foundation for each agriculture base. These bases become cities surrounded by divisions of different agriculture products that work together in balance, creating a sustainable agro base. These bases or strategically placed with access to water, power, transportation, and manpower.

2. Reinvestment into Research & Development Capabilities
Maintain strong R&D capabilities within the Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Chemical Industries. Invest resources into R&D departments to maintain the ability to produce hybrid strains of agro products that increase yields, and are resistant to drought, pest, or disease, as well as bio mass waste, can be utilized for environment energy products. Focus development resources to possess the latest high tech agriculture techniques such as bio-friendly pesticides, organic fertilizers, and water saving irrigation. Creating a continuous stream of new by-products from the company??s core commodities portfolio.

3. Organization, Management, and Corporate Support
A strong organization with qualified managers that have consistent corporate support and the tools and resources necessary to administer company business plan and implement operations. Yasheng University and broadcasting college to educate, train, and create a future work force to implement the 8 Principles of Yasheng Business Model. Build a directors team that is globally diverse in resources and qualifications reaching for the highest standards of corporate governance.

4. High End Diverse Product Portfolio

a??Grow High End Quality Agro Specialty Products
For the past 30 years the company has had the vision to create a product portfolio of a diverse range of agriculture products that stretch across many markets and industries.

??Cultivating of key strategic commodities for the agriculture, biotechnology, and chemical industries
??A strong commitment Fresh Quality Organic Foods for the public consumption
??Production of scale capabilities with quality controls to supply Institutional Buyers such as large food and beverage processors or major institutions
??Continue to Develop new high end by-products from current production base such as concentrates, extracts, frozen, etc.
??The establishment of agro industry support products such as; seedlings, animal feed, organic fertilizers, and bio-friendly pesticides, construction materials

b.Grow Bio Friendly ??Green?? Food and Energy products for sustainable operations
Provide to the customer of all segments bio friendly green food and energy products that allow for a sustainable society. Utilize Bio Mass technologies and bio waist products to create by-products that sustain the environment and lesson the demand on natural resources.

Maximize abilities for bio plastics, bio-fuels and oils, bio mass molds, and extracts for biotechnology development. Utilize technologies to implement into operations to create value added by products such as natural methane fuels and environmentally friendly construction materials.

5. Breeding Centers (seeds, sprouts, graft, clone, breed, etc)

6. Global Business Development and Marketing Force
Venture out domestically and globally to the Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Chemical industry communities. Establish representation in strategic locations around the world for both business development and marketing of product portfolio.

7. Distribution Network and Strategic Cooperation??s
Consistent delivery of quality products through a network of storage, transportation, and distribution resources to bring product to market on time. Build strategic cooperation and internal capabilities to expand distribution to new markets through standardized and internationally accepted standards.

8. Quality Products, High Ethical Standards, and Long Term Relationships
The 8th principle being quality products based on the highest standards bring long term relationships that support all other principles within the business model. Yasheng Group is not a company but an institution that is here to create a sustainable lifestyle for the people, nature, and the business community.



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