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Masaida is a green Batavia-type lettuce for spring, summer and autumn outdoor growing . It has no anthocyans, and has a firm round and well-filled heart with frilly outer leaves. Colour is light to dark green. It has little or no tendency to bolting. It is tolerant to LMV.

This varity has spoon-shaped leaves, long shanks, good firm heads, and high vitamin A content. Typical height is 75cm giving good anti-lodging characteristics.It combines early-middle maturity and a long harvest period with tolerance of cool terperatures. and good diseas resistance.

With its natural yellow color, smooth surface and sweet taste this variety is popular both for eating and further processing. Typical cob length is 21cm and diameter 4.5cm, with 18 rows per cob and seed length of 11mm. Typical maturity period is 85 days.


Based on the analysis of potato industry market and development trend, Potato industry will become the most promising, most competitive industry in the 21st century. Potato planting has a long history in GanSu, with one of the largest planting areas, high output, and high quality in all of China. Yasheng key advantage is the ability to industrialize the process with sustainable agriculture techniques. Through high tech strains, drip irrigation, and large scale farming volume harvest are achieved consistently.

Tae Geun Autumn F1 Hybrid Radish

Tae Geun Autumn F1 Hybrid is a high-yielding hybrid for autumn season production. Roots can reach 27cm in length and 12 cm in diameter. with typical root weights of 750g. Tae Geun Autumn matures in 65 days with tall, vigorous tops. The root has excellent flavour.



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