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Among other things, corn and potatoes are significant commodities which have grave impact on the national economy as part of people's daily livelihood. As the country's leaders, President Hu Jintao and Primer Wen Jiabao visited Gansu potato and corn industries.

Date Headline
11/09/09 Agreement of Yasheng Eco Trade to Acquire 75,000,000 Shares of Yasheng Group Terminated.
11/03/09 Yasheng Group Reports 2009 Second Quarter Financial Results.
06/08/09 Yasheng Group Reports 2009 First Quarter Financial Results.
06/04/09 Yasheng Group Growth Strengthened by New National and Provincial Agriculture Industry Policies.
03/23/09 YaSheng Group Releases Its 2008 Audited Financial Results.
02/16/09 YaSheng Group to Participate in the 2009 Roth Capital 21st Annual Growth Stock Conference.
01/30/09 YaSheng Group Releases Its 2007 and 2006 Audited Financial Statements.

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