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Yasheng Group(OTC: HERB)is a U.S. company, that conducts business operations in US , China, Philippine in four major segments: Agriculture & Fisheries, Biotechnology, Blockchain, Mining .The company's agriculture products include betel nut, coconut, coffee , banana, sugarcane, golden cardaba , mango , wolfberry, hemp, herb, etc. Our products are exported to 15 countries around the world, and 2875 Cooperative regionsdistribution agents.

Yasheng Group joint venture company Yongsheng Environmental Technology company is located in the region of 2.3 million betel nut farmers with 300 million trees and acquisition and initial processing enterprises to integrate, through the global betel nut chain (BNC), to the global capital market, Speed up the internationalization of Hainan betel nut. While enhancing the value of betel nut in Hainan, the economic benefits of betel nut growers, purchasing and initial processing enterprises are increased, which contributes to the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port and the rural revitalization of Hainan.

Betel nut is the world's fourth-largest refreshment product after cigarettes, alcohol and coffee, that contains areca polysaccharide polyphenols and other beneficial substances, and it's refreshing, very popular. Asians have eaten betel nut for more than 2000 years, Hainan has also become the world's second largest betel nut producer. At present, Hainan planting betel nut area of 381,967 acres, It accounts for 95% of the national planting area (about 1.2 million tons of fresh fruit output of betel nut in Hainan); About 4.48 billion Dollars (7% of Hainan GDP).

Hainan Yongsheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is an important supplier of healthy betel nut production equipment. It has 22 important technical patents in the industry. The original low temperature internal circulation fumigation technology not only reduces the pollution, but also produces betel nut carcinogen content far below the national standard, and taste first-class. At present, the largest betel nut production enterprise in Domestic has settled in Hainan, using Hainan Yongsheng environmental protection equipment, become the main force of healthy betel nut.

In the future, with the increasing recognition of healthy betel nut in the global market, the huge demand for healthy betel nut will be aroused. The betel nut polysaccharide polyphenols and betel nut essential oils extracted from betel nut can be made into rich betel nut products, including betel nut tea, betel nut wine and betel nut health products. In the future, Hainan will also develop an ecotourism industry characterized by betel nut, with huge imagination space. In the future, Hainan is expected to become the world's largest betel nut industry base, providing environmental protection and health products for betel nut lovers in the world.

Yasheng Group joint venture company RMT1-N company engagement in contracted farms, 135 Tribes of RMT1-N it give higher net profit to seaweed farmers / growers because of subsidized in puts, payable at harvest and at lowest price on farm inputs. RMT1-N R&D will provide contracted growers on new varieties and suitable practices, which will increase their yield.

Because of high priced of manufactured synthetic drugs that ordinary Filipino masses oftentimes cannot afford. Republic Act No. 8423, known as“Traditional Alternative Medicine Act (TAMA)” was passed December 7, 1997 to give people’s present needs on health care by delivering traditional and alternative medicinal plant products and technologies that are safe, effective, affordable and accessible to Filipinos (Agribusiness, 2019).

The production of traditional medicinal plants in included as livelihood program by Philippine Board of Investments. This project occupies attractive financial returnsand marketability as the ingredients extracted are demanded not locally but abroad. Through this program, RMT1-N aimsto promote regional peace and economic prosperity in the whole country.

DOH has named clinically proven to have medicinal value in the relief and treatment of various aliments. RMT1-N will embark in organic farming traditional herbal medicine andprocessing for livelihood and employment of members and beneficiaries.

These medicinal plants are few to the voluminous compendium of medicinal plants in the Philippines.
Akapulko , Ampalaya, Bawang, Bayabas, Lagundi ,Niyog-niyogan, Sambong , Tsaang Gubat , Ulasimang Bato , Pansit- pansitan, Yerba Buena

RMT1-N proposes to have its own centralized processing facility, which will provide subsidized and affordable medicines to its 10 million members. It will also aid the less fortunate Filipinos, free medicines and health care as it advocates in its vision and mission statement in eradicating poverty in the country.

In expansion of this project, RMT1-N will provide the free training, services and out-growers production (with Islamic Thrust Fund). RMT1-N will establish its R & D for the identification and featured extraction of other medicinal plants within the region. Adaptability of medicinal plants in relation to soil and climate will be appropriately classified.

Development of betel nut industry using Blockchain Technology

In order to accelerate the development and integration of healthy betel nut industry, Yasheng Group has invested in creating the world's first digital platform of betel nut industry based on block chain technology (BNC), aiming at efficiently opening up all links of betel nut industry chain. The end product can be anti-counterfeiting, industrial resources can be combined with betel nut consumption and investment.

Betelnut chain (BNC) is the world's first digital asset ecological platform of betel nut industry based on block chain technology. It has the functions of anti-counterfeiting trace ability, boutique mall, supply chain finance, intelligent futures trading, asset confirmation right chain and so on.

Betelnut chain (Betelnut Chain) aims to solve the problems of complex and different standards, lack of sustainable business model, difficult to realize asset circulation and difficult to develop financing circulation and difficult to develop financing. Leading the global betel nut industry into the block chain digital assetization era.

The world's first betel nut industry digital public chain, through distributed accounting, to achieve cross-departmental cooperation and real-time settlement. Finally, betel nut entity assets certification, through the quantitative and programmable functions of certification to achieve its management, such as dividends, transfer, repurchase, cancellation and so on. In general, the chain of assets can eliminate trust problems, reduce communication costs, disinter mediation, reduce transaction costs, and improve the efficiency of asset circulation.


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