Yasheng & LEMCO carbon credits & Agro Projects

yasheng is pleased to announce the January 20th, 2013 Memorandum of Understanding Agreement with Land Economics Management Consultants Ltd ( LEMCO) and Dr. Ivan Guevara, CEO , for LEMCO's land projects in Latin America of approximately 6,000,000 hectares. Yasheng shall provide to LEMCO projects their strategic agricultural industrial development and management for sustainable use , forestry conservation and new plantation of trees, mining of minerals , environmental services as terrestrial carbon credits and their sales on the China Environment and Carbon Exchange and International trade of Lemco's agriculture commodities to Asia and USA"

1) Aqua-culture fishery production.

2) Hydroponic Greenhouse and land agriculture production.

3) Livestock and Poultry production.

4) Reforestation projects, sustainable forestry management, and commercial plantations including sustainable farming.

5) Business development, market research and acquisition of mining rights and/or concessions for the lawful and responsible exploitation of mineral resources such as of gold , copper, nickel, iron and other precious metals and minerals.

6)Assessment, accreditation, validation, business management, and trading of forestry carbon credits or any other forms of terrestrial or maritime carbon emissions reductions.

7)Field crops.




11)Agro Products.

12) Bio energy and bio-fuels

Gold Basin-Lost Basin Project
Plomosa Placers Mining Projec
Montmorillonit mining Project
LEMCO Yasheng carbon credits
Yasheng Greenphil carbon credits
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HEMP SEED & Organic Food
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