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Yasheng has flourished because GanSu is the main seed production base of maize, pasturage, melon, vegetables, and many other seeds in China. The GanSu seed production industry has won first place national awards. The seeds of melons, vegetables, and flowers have been exported to over ten countries and areas, such as United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

YaSheng Group has established the Tiaoshan Seeds Research Centre to conduct integrated research, trials, laboratory testing and commercial growing to meet both Group internal and market requirements.. Current acreage includes barley, maize, cotton, and chinese herbs as well as hi-tech agricultural demonstration fields.

JiuQuan Melon Seeds Production Base

Yasheng produces tons of melon seeds per year at its farms in Jiuquan. The main variety is Xinjiang "Big-Tablet" which gives oval seeds up to 1 cm in diameter with bright black and white rind and shiny white kernels. Drip-irrigation was introduced in 1997 and average yield is now 125-150 kgs per mu with 80% of seeds reaching grade A.

Other Hybrid seeds are grown that can handle high temperature tolerance with good resistance to the mosaic virus ,wilting diseases, cercospera. and chlorisis.

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