Patents and Trademarks

As a modern agriculture company, Yasheng has established its own research and innovation centers and received many patents and trademarks over the History of the company. Yasheng is recognized nationally as a agriculture leader in innovation of transforming the industry as well as forwarding their biotechnology business model.

The company has also registered many trademarks establishing a brand name well known for high quality products

Yasheng Group Registered Patents

Yasheng Group has registed the listed patents with the Peoples Republic of China Department of Patents

Jurisdiction Project description Patent No. Patent Status
China Granular sodium sulfide production process ZL03152783.3 Granted
China A medicinal recombinant human lysozyme fusion gene and access to the methods of the drug protein ZL03100582.9 Granted
China Foot and mouth disease vaccine by recombinant protein gene expression in the establishment of livestock disease foot and mouth disease virus detection antibody technology ZL03100579.9 Granted
China Access to vaccine used in the production of foot-and-mouth rape chloroplast transgenic plants ZL01145166.1 Granted
China Access of the production of foot-and-mouth vaccine mountain lettuce chloroplast transgenic plants ZL01145165.3 Granted
China A cloning vector to produce the treatment of microbial disease gene vascular endothelial growth factor°™2 drugs naked DNA ZL03100580.2 Granted
China Preparation method of natural carotene ZL95115709.4 Granted
China Punching with inlay-style flat-type water dropper ZL200420085127.X Granted
China Bored potent type inlay bonded with a flat-type water dropper ZL200420085126.5 Granted
China Bored with inlay-style flat-type water dropper ZL200420085125.0 Granted
China Punching-type bond with the powerful flat- type water dropper ZL200420085128.4 Granted
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